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All Dead Drops Comms Location

March 11th 2019

There are 8 Dead Drops Comms in Washington. Here's where they are:

1 | Warning

This Comm can be found at Downtown West.
South of the Settlement, there is also an SHD Cache.
Go inside the alley of the building block. There you can climb into the apartment.

2 | Patience

This Comm can be found at Constitution Hall.
Leave the Safe House through the West Exit and turn left immediately. There is a door you can open and it leads to an office.

3 | Hometown

This Comm can be found at West Potomac Park.
There is a container structure in the western part. Climb it to get the comm.

4 | Vitaly

This Comm can be found at Foggy Bottom.
Leave Navy Hill Control Point to the east. Stand at the wall and look north. There is a generator with bags on top. You can climb it, go through a hole in the fence and get the comm.

HUGE thanks to | EPIX | for the heads up!!

5 | Open Gates

This Comm can be found at West End.
Enter the yard of the building complex. Climb up the trucks. Now you should see some ladders going up to the roof. You can shoot the lock from the door from up here to get to the ladder.

6 | Simple Math

The Comm is at Downtown East in the north west, west of the Fallen Cranes Control Point. It's right next to a SDH Tech Cache.

7 | Greener Poison

This Comm is at Federal Triangle inside a building.
Go down and shoot the lock at the door to get it.

8 | Recordings

This Comm is at Downtown East.
Inside the alley, go up the stairs and open the door. It is right inside.

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