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All Campus Comms Location

Started: March 13th 2019

There are 8 Campus Comms in Washington. Here's where they are:

1 | Castle Treaty

The Comm is at Downtown West. At the Toxic Alley Control point, upstairs where the storage is.

2 | Help Wanted

The Comm is at Downtown West. Enter one of the manholes in the north to get to the underground control center. It's right at the border of the map in the north.

3 | Grief Counseling

The Comm is at West End.
You can easily access it through the northern alley.

4 | Leader Elected

The Comm is at Judiciary Square
Climb up through the alley from the east.

5 | Garden Tour

The Comm is at West End.
It's at the Food Resource Node west of the Safe House.

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