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Artwork Artifacts Locations Guide | The Division 2

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Started: March 11th 2019

There are 13 Artwork Artifacts in Washington. Here's where they are:

1 | Portrait of Ginevra de' Benci

The Artwork is in the White House Area. When you free the Ellipse Fuel Depot Control Point in the South East, you can enter the Supply Room, where it is stored.

2 | Rembrandt van Rijn - Self Portrait

The Artwork is at East Mall, leaning on a little house

3 | Woman Holding a Balance

The Artwork is at Downtown West in The World's End Control Point.

4 | Watson and the Shark

The Artwork is at Constitution Hall. Enter the building through a window at ground floor. Inside, interact with the doors on the other side to trigger the fire alarm. The doors will open and you can go upstairs.

5 | The Emperor Napoleon

The Artwork is at West Potomac Park.
There is a house you can climb into. Inside, take the stairs down and open the door. Another stairs down and there is the Artwork.

6 | Vincent van Gogh - Self-Portrait

The Artwork is at Foggy Bottom.
It's in a garage that can be accessed from the road. You can interact with the garage door to open it.

7 | The Great Red Dragon and the Woman

The Artwork is at West End.
Behind the Overgrowth Control Point is an alley where the Painting is hanging.

8 | St. George and the Dragon

The Artwork is at Downtown East. Go down to the Metro from the street side and enter the shopping center from the metro. You will run right to it.

9 | Judith Leyster - Selfportrait

Go to Safe House 1040 at Federal Triangle and take the North East Exit. Once outside, you're in a courtyard with a long ladder up. Take the ladder.
From up there you can climb into the building and get the painting.

10 | Hercules and the Nemean Lion

The Artifact is in the Downtown East area. Enter the building South West of the Red Dragon Control point. There is an entrance on the eastern side.

11 | Bazille and Camille

The Artifact is at Judiciary Square.
In the alley of the complex, you can go up some fire stairs. Once up, you can climb up some more and go down the ladder on the other side. Follow the path to a smashed apartment window, where you can climb in.

12 | The Fall of Phaeton

This Artwork can be found at East Mall.
To be able to enter the building you have to pick up the Side Mission "Missing Curators". The Mission Giver is close to the JTF Comm "Georgetown Patrol".
Once inside the building, go up to the statue room. There are some stairs going down to this Artwork

13 | The Boston Massacre

This Artwork can be found at Southwest.
Enter the building at ground level through the main entrance and go down the staircase.

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