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Tomb | Cenote | Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Camzillasmom - All Collectibles and Guides - Shadow of the Tomb Raider 2018

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Tomb | Cenote | Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Shadow of the Tomb Raider > Cenote | 100%

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There is only 1 Tomb at Cenote

Tomb - San Cordoba

North east of Base Camp: Cenote Temple Ruins

Reward: Caiman's Breath II

To start, follow the yellow paint trail to the tomb entrance:

It involves some climbing to get to the entrance. It is underwater. So you need to dive now.

There are 2 air pockets down there. Follow the yellow paint markings. At the fork, dive right. There will be some hostile fish. Hide in the high grass and dive all the way at the left, until you are sucked in and landing in a pool. Exit the pool.

Climb all the way up and go through a narrow corridor at the top to get to the room where the base camp is next to a pool. You can jump into the pool from up there, by the way.

Now go up the stairs into the next room. A cart and a cannon are blocking the way through. Move the cart away first, then push the cannon forward so it destroys the barricade.

Go through the now open passage. You see a ship. Follow the path to the right. There is a raft that you have to kick into the water. Now get in there and climb the ship until you're on deck.

Here on deck is a barricaded entrance on the floor. Plan is to move and drop the overhead cannon onto the barricade. To move the cannon, there is a lever nearby. Use it until the cannon is over the barricade.
Then, go to the center of the ship, drop into the water and force open the gate.

Dive through and climb on deck on the other side. Unfortunately the lever is stuck somewhere high up. So need to get up there. To do so, walk the mast that is sticking out of the ship, climb up on the other side and follow the path through a little cave, facing the ship again.

Here, jump over so you get to the mast. Use the device on the mast.

Now climb the mast and use it to jump towards the wall again. Follow the path to a climb point from where you can Rappel Swing back on deck to use the lever so you have a path towards the hanging box.

From here you can climb over to the box and from there to the top of the mast to release the cannon and let it drop onto the barricade. Now shoot an arrow to build a rope line to get down. Now you can enter the captain's cabin and finish the tomb.

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