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Explore the Local Mysteries | Mission of San Juan | Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Camzillasmom - All Collectibles and Guides - Shadow of the Tomb Raider 2018

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Explore the Local Mysteries | Mission of San Juan | Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Shadow of the Tomb Raider > Mission of San Juan

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There is only 1 Mission at the Mission of San Juan

Explore the Local Mysteries

Reward: Vestige: Kantu's Gilded Vest (Sarcophagus)

Talk to the mission giver.

Investigate the cemetery. Talk to the woman at the mission marker.

Then talk to the kids and find the hidden treasure at the well.

Take the treasure back to the kids and talk to the woman to repair the cross.
Examine the cross. "Look through me to find the way".
Now follow the path of crosses to the mission area. You can highlight them with your enhanced senses.
You can push the final cross.

The wall lifts and you can go inside. There is a wall climb spot go go down. Follow the path down towards the crypt entrance.
There is another wall climb spot down, where Isabella shouts: Down here!
Climb down, rappel and drop yourself into the water.
Isabella is sitting by the fire next to the sarcophagus.

Talk to her. Don't forget to open the sarcophagus.
Now find the exit.
There is a little gap at the bottom of the wall in this room where you can get through.
There's a Mural at the other side with a gap in the wall next to it.
Don't go through the gap yet, go the other way ( where the trap is) and pick up a document.
You can blast the barricade with the shotgun - there's some jade behind it.
Now go through the gap.

There's a document next to a skeleton on the other side.
Grapple swing at the end to the wall climb.
There is another document on the other side. At the hole in the wall - decorated with some unlit candles.
Climb up towards the light.

Then follow the path. Before the floor trap you can get to the Relic from here. Just jump over, get the Relic and come back here again.

Now mind floor trap. Shoot the swinging one before it reaches you.
Follow the path to a room with a lever. There is a small corridor behind it with a document.
Now use the lever. The gate will open.
Go through it and grapple swing across.
On the other side, you can climb up around the corner and rope pull open a barricaded passage.
Use the wall climb to get back up and out.
Return to the mission giver to finish the mission.
Follow the mission marker to Manu and talk to him.
All you have to do now is solve the tomb in the south east and return to Manu to finish the mission.

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