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Crypt 1 | Abandoned Village | The Hidden City | Shadow of the Tomb Raider

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Crypt at The Abandoned Village Base Camp

Reward: Vestige: Manko's Boots

Start with climbing the ladder at this location:

At the other side, you will be at the edge of the water. There's a tether spot, where you can shoot an arrow to the other side to build a rope line. Use it.
On the other side, climb the wall all the way up.

Here's the crypt entrance

Follow the path in. Mind the traps. Into the room with the big water hole.

Use the staircase down at the left and follow the path avoiding the trap.

You're now at the bottom of the water hole. Jump in and dive down, through the gap.

Follow the air pockets in. At the other end, there are steps up to the right and a blocked passage to the left. Destroy the blockage and go through to the other side. There is another air pocket.

There are steps up on the other side. Follow them and dive all the way up where you can breathe again. The Sarcophagus in in this room - upstairs.

To get out:
There are steps up from the sarcophagus area and rope-pull the blockage at the end. You'll come out upstairs of the water pool. Follow the way out that you came from.

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