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All Relics | Mission of San Juan | Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Shadow of the Tomb Raider > Mission of San Juan

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There are 9 Relics at the Mission of San Juan.

Relic 1
At the cemetery.

Relic 2

At a cross with an altar.

Relic 3

Inside the ruined tower. Need Rope Ascender to open. You can buy it at the same merchant where you can buy the lockpick.

Relic 4

Right after crossing the river.

Relic 5

Inside the crypt, on the way out, you are faced with a floor trap and a pendulum trap after. Before the floor trap, you can jump over to the other side to get to this relic. Check out the Side Mission Guide for a screenshot.

Relic 6

At Base Camp: Deserted Cloister, on a table.

Relic 7

Inside the tomb. When you're nearly at the top and need to cut another platform lose.

Relic 8

Inside the tomb. Where you cut a platform lose the very first time.

Relic 9

Inside the tomb. Under the water wheel - underwater - there is a building. Swim inside.

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