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All Relics | Kuwaq Yaku | Shadow of the Tomb Raider

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There are 4 Relics at Kuwaq Yaku

Relic 1

There is a little passage to go through (see arrow). It's the crypt dig site of the Side Mission available in town.
As soon as you get to the camp, go to the gate and force it open.

Passage location
Passage location
Gate location
Gate location

Relic 2

It's inside the shed with a locked door. You have to force it open to get inside.


Relic 3

It's underwater.

Relic 4

To get to the Relic, climb the tree at this location. Then use the trees to get to the first platform to the east. Here you have a tether point. Use the rope arrow to make a rope line and get to the Relic.

Climb Tree map
Climb Tree Location

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