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All Monoliths | The Hidden City | Shadow of the Tomb Raider

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There are 7 Monoliths at The Hidden City

Monolith 1 - Fluent Mam

It's at the salt fields.

"The youngest of four turns his back on his brothers, unable to speak as I lie in his mouth."

Dig Site:
There are 4 buidlings with a big mouth (entrance) at the salt fields. It's at the buiding that "turns his back to the others".

Monolith 2

It's south east of the Fishing District Base Camp

"The waters below protect me from the waters above."

Dig Site:

It's where the waterfall touches the water. Underwater - so you need to dive..

Monolith 3

At the top of the rebel village.

" A lone sentry stands guard over me and his harvest."

Dig Site:

There is one scare crow in the fields below. The dig site is at its feet.

Monolith 4 - Fluent Yucatec Monolith

On the island east of the Temple of Kukulkan Base Camp

" A once ferocious warrior, raised as a warning. I fell from his mouth and now lie beneath him."

Dig Site:

Walk down the stairs. At the edge of the cliff you'll see a head on a stick

Monolith 5 - Proficient Yucatec Monolith

South of the Upper City Main Gate.

" They stand back-to-back, two brothers in arms. I lie at the feet of the one who watches the shaded serpent."

Dig Site:

At the feet of the statue who is looking towards the snake ornament at the door.

Monolith 6

In the south of the city

" Canals bring water to the arid parts of the village, and they washed me away."

Dig Site:

Follow the water canal down. The dig site is at the feet of the water pool.

Monolith 7

At the stage of some speaker,

" Seven golden birds perched, here and there. One escaped to the trees with his treasure. Dropped from his talons, I'm waiting for you."

Dig Site:

Right behind the Lady in Red...

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