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All Documents | Peruvian Jungle | Shadow of the Tomb Raider

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There are 13 Documents in the Peruvian Jungle.

Document 1
Inside the crypt.

Document 2

On the box of this little camp.

Document 3

In the plain open

Document 4

At the tomb there is a camp with tables and tents. It's on one of the tables.

Document 5

Inside the tomb, there is a little cave with dead people and boxes. There it is.

Document 6

Next to some logs

Document 7

There is a little passage where you can access an area down below.
Nearest Base Camp: Plane Wreckage

Document 8

You can climb down from close to the tether point to a little cave down below. There's also the Treasure Chest (for details see Treasure Chest Guide)

Document 9

Right before you leave the jungle to get to Kuwaq Yaku in the story.

Document 10

Inside the crypt next to a body and burned wood

Document 11

Inside the crypt. Close to some skulls.

Document 12

At the tomb. Upstairs of the buidling where the weight riddle is.

Document 13

In the tomb. In the area where the weight puzzle is.

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