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All Crypts | Kuwaq Yaku | Shadow of the Tomb Raider

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There are 2 Crypts at Kuwaq Yaku

Crypt 1 - In the north east

Vestige: Condor Cowl of Urqu

The Entrance to the Crypt is blocked. Shoot it with a shotgun. If you don't have it yet, continue to play the story.

Crypt 2
The entrance is west of the Kuwaq Yaku Base Camp.


At the start point you see a little flooded cave. Dive through it.

At the other end, follow the path until you get to a blocked path. Shoot it with a fire arrow. Follow the now open path until you get to the sliding section. Avoid the traps by sliding left or right. At the End Grapple Axe to safety.

The sarcophagus is at the other end. To get out, you need to grapple and climb your way back.

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