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Retrieve the Savior's Amulet | The Hidden City | Shadow of the Tomb Raider

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Retrieve the  Savior's Amulet

After retrieving the King's Horn, Uchu wants you to get the Savior's Amulet.

At the mission waypoint. Climb the tree and the cliff. You can find the way easier if you use your senses now and then...

At the top, enter the cave. Don't forget to pick up the document at the entrance so you don't have to come back.

At the end, Lara says, there is something wrong. There is a passage that you can force open.

Do so and go through. Search for Manko's remains. Mind the 2 traps ahead. You'll enter a room with a document and a relic.
Here you can climb up and go through a gap.

Follow the path. In the room with the headlight, go straight ahead. Down.
When Lara says "Manko's resting place, this looks suspicious" - your at the right place. Continue to follow the path. You'll fall down into the water.
There is no way up so you have to dive through the little hole underwater.

Dive up and climb into the room at the other end. You can examine the door. In the other room there is a lever.
As soon as you did, the water will rise, go back to the other room. A non flooded entering is now flooded and you can dive back to the center water pool.

Once up at the water surface, you'll see a passage you can swim through. There is another lever - yeah, you know what's coming - as soon as you use it, the water will rise and you have to dive out to the water surface again.

Back on the surface, you can swim into the next room. You have to pull open the barricade with an arrow.
Then go to the lever, use it. This time, the entrance will close up an overhead exit will open. Dive through the overhead exit and pry open the passage up there to get to the water surface.

Now open the sarcophagus - you just solved a Crypt.

To get back, pry open the wall behind the sarcophagus. Go through and climb up. Follow the path. At the other end, there is another climbing wall with a Rappeling down. You're almost back at the cave entrance. Follow the traps out, do a swan dive from the top and return to the Skull Cave.
Talk to Uchu to finish the mission and get the next one called: Retrieve the Champion's Bow

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