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Rescue Hakan | The Hidden City | Shadow of the Tomb Raider

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Rescue Hakan

Required Outfit: Serpent Guard
Reward: Finely-Crafted Knife

The mission giver is a girl sitting on the steps. Talk to her.

To get incide the prison cell, you have to talk to a couple of people around the area. There a 2 men, who will help you open the door later. Talk to them:

Ask a guy to stop the prayers and then the one on stage to start the music

Then the guards are distracted and move away from the door. Go back to the to men who will open the door for you and talk to them. They are now moving to the levers and you can go inside.
To find another way out, hit a hole into the wall and follow Hakan. Talk to him at the door to open it together.

As soon as the door is open, Hakan will give you the mission reward. Follow him out to finish the mission.

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