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Developer: Eastshade Studios | Publisher: Eastshade Studios
Release: February 13th (Steam)

Initial Review: February 13th, 2019

First 20 Minutes gameplay

Waking up in the sleeping quarters in the belly of a ship. I hear the waves and the seagulls. There are 3 passengers with me in the community area. Two humanoid apes and a humanoid deer with elegant clothes on. One of the apes, an old woman, asks me to fetch a book back in the sleeping quarters. When I give it to her, she tells me that we will arrive in Lyndow soon. And I learn that in dialogues, I can pick topics now. After asking the other ape man about Lyndow, he tells me that it's a small seaside town. Just when I'm looking forward to get there, the area is flooded by sea water.

While unconscious, I can remember the childhood dialogue I had with my mother. Gentle music in the background. Talking about going to Eastshade and paint beautiful paintings.

Someone telling me to wake up pulls me out of the dream and I'm in a cave with furniture. A male ape, his name is Ingov, found me on the beach and brought me to his home, the cave. He tells me that everyone survived and all that's left of my possessions is my easel. He sends me off to town - "Don't forget the easel", he says.

"What!? Need to do the canvas myself?"

I pick up the easel and get the TAB prompt. Here I can access the Journal (Questlog), the paintings I created (none so far) and my inventory. To my surprise there is a crafting menu with one recipe. How to make a canvas (2 boards, 2 fabric). I'm going to need one of those to paint!

Very keen to finally paint something, I'm looking around on the beach for boards and fabric. There are plenty of boxes scattered on the beach but I can't use those. Shame. Would be nice to paint the shipwrecks far away in the water or the big moon in front of the sun. So I now follow the only way. Walking goes well, the sound of the waves and the cries of the seagulls is making this a relaxing experience. The path is steep but the view at the top is totally worth it.

I'm greeted by a swarm of butterflies dancing happily in a green sunny forest with some interesting houses at the back. Wow! And very gently mediterean guitar music in the background. Here in the forest I can pick up a stick. My first inventory item! No clue what to do with it though.

The houses turn out to be part of Lyndow. The town I was supposed to arrive with the ship. As soon as I enter the town, the level in the bottom right corner goes up a couple of numbers and a friendly helper tells me, that I just gained Inspiration. I would need Inspiration to make paintings that will drain inspiration. Gaining inspiration can be done by exploring or trying new things. Didn't get inspiration from picking up that stick before. That was a new thing too!

While discovering Lyndow, I meet the deer humanoid, Aliyyah from the ship. She's happy I'm survived.  One man in a house has managed to put his head in a pot and asks me to get the Inn Keeper to help him. After a quit chat with the Inn Keeper and browsing the goods I find out that there is currency here. I have none but it's called "Glowstones". Then I tell her about the man stuck in the pot. After a quick inspection she sends me out to find some soap at the neighbors'.
Turns out, she's quiet into gossip and after I told her, what the soap is for, she tells me that if I ever get to the next town, Nava, I should report the guy to the sheriff because he's neglecting his child when going crazy things like that. I'm glad that I have the option to tell her to do it herself. She agrees and I'm rewarded with Inspiration Points.

Back with the soap, I give it to the Inn Keeper who frees the man, Ehsan. Now I can talk to him. Well... he's quiet a grumpy fella and sends me out of the house. Not very nice....

Finally! Painting!

Next I meet a child in the middle of town. She has painted a picture and I tell her that she should try painting on a canvas. She knows where boards are! Now we're talking! Sure, I follow! - Some old boxes! Hey, let's take those apart! Then I found some fabric at the harbour. In the crafting menu I can now craft a canvas and make my first painting.

After that it's easy to find fabric and boxes. They're everywhere! So instead of going into a senseless painting marathon, I try to paint nice things. But hard to do when the whole environment is pretty. So off to the next village! Adventure awaits!

Boards for Canvas Crafting
First Painting

After that it's easy to find fabric and boxes. They're everywhere! So instead of going into a senseless painting marathon, I try to paint nice things. But hard to do when the whole environment is pretty. So off to the next village! Adventure awaits!

Good one!
If you like environmental puzzle games like "myth" this is down your alley. The idea that you have to make a painting of a certain object - maybe also at a specific time of day - is very fresh and enjoyable. The relaxing background music, the beautiful graphics, the surprising characters and mysterious island makes this game a "go grab".

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