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Dealer's Life

Developer: Abyte Entertainment | Publisher: Abythe Entertainment
Release: January 31st 2019 (Steam)

Initial Review: February 2nd, 2019

Dealer's life is a Pawn Shop Simulator in a retro, comic style. Buy and sell merchandise for better shops, staff and higher value items.

The player is starting RPG style by defining the character by assigning 5 points to 4 different abilities: Competence, Charisma, Insight and Luck. These abilities define in game how well you can value an item, how well you get along with customers, if you can identify fakes, etc.
Those values can be and have to be raised to become and expert in the traide. However there is no XP system. New ability points can be bought. The better the player is in one ability the more they cost. Better go doing business then.

A standard gameplay starts with the morning. The newspaper shows potential employee's to hire,shops to rent or buy/sell auctions. Before the day starts, the player can hire / fire employees. There are different kinds of employees that can influence ablities, but also repair items or identify the value or authenticity. Also, before you start the day, the player has to deal with the shop items (repair / evaluate) or level up the character.

Then the shop can be opened to let buying or selling customers in. The player stands in first person view behind the desk and by clicking on the customers the dealing / negotiations start on the surprisingly big variety of items. It depends on the shop how many customers are coming, how many staff slots there are and how much rent has to be paid every 7 days.
Generally, the more rent you pay, the more customers could enter your shop and the more staff slots are available.

The Story is pretty basic. Sometimes the neighbour pawn shop owner is coming over to challenge you to get better. Now and then you get events that someone wants to repair your security system or a suspicious "customer" wants to protect your shop for money.
Basically, the goal is to get richer, buy a better shop and keep earning more money to get to the top.

Character Creation
One Lucky Guy for hire
First Store with Customer
Newer store with customers

Graphics / Sound
The graphics are pretty comic style basic, limited to a wide variety of shop backgrounds (depending on the amount of rent you pay, of course). Customers have a range from grubby looking to stylish. All in all the looks are what you see on the screenshots.
The Sound is limited to a funky tune in the background and interaction sounds from customers or the cash register.

Dealer's life is a fun Pawn Shop Store Simulator with a surprising amount of content for the price. There is a big amount of merchandise and shops to rent. I'm enjoying to buy rare or legendary things in bad condition, repair them and sell them on to finally be able to move to a better shop. As mentioned, the graphics are nothing sophisticated but all in all a fun gameplay and style.
Also worth mentioning, the developers published an up-to-date roadmap with recent comments. Which is something these days! Would buy again!
SCORE: 7/10

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