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All Storage Containers at The Ruined Shaft

May 11, 2019

6 Storage Containers, 1 Ark Chest

Map location:

Storage 1:

The container is after coming in and following the corridor. It's in the gut pile.

Storage 2:

The container is close to the bulldozer with the turning light.

Storage 3:

The container is inside the container next to the bulldozer. Shoot the pink lock to get inside.

Storage 4:

Continue the on the path until you get to the bridge that connects two big buildings.
There is a ladder you can climb down to get to a small room where Storage 4 is.

Storage 5, 6 and the Ark Chest:

After defeating Lug the Nut, take the elevator up. All 3 chests are up in a room.

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