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All Storage Containers at The Motor Tomb

May 17, 2019

11 Storage Containers, 1 Ark Chest

Map location:

Storage 1:

Enter the building. Go down the stairs. At the bottom is the Storage Container.

Storage 2:

Enter the garage with the weird construct in the center. At the back is a ramp going down. There is Storage Container 2.

Storage 3 and 4:

Go down the ramp. There in the garage is a room with two storage containers in it.

Storage 5 and 6:

Same garage level but on the other side, before you leave the garage, is a room with another 2 storage containers.

Storage 7:

Leave this garage through the door, staircase going down. At the bottom of this staircase is Storage Container 7.

Storage 8, 9 and Ark Chest:

Follow the path and kill Grull.
Then exit the room.
Here are Ark Chest, Storage Containers 8 and 9.

Storage 10, 11:

Take the elevator up.
Up here are the last two Storage Containers.

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