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All Collectibles at Strongbox Ark

May 16, 2019

5 Storage Containers, 2 Ark Chests, 1 Data Pad

Map location:

Ark Chest 1:

Ark Chest 1 is inside a fenced off area.

Storage 1:

Storage 1 is in a little dead end alley right after the Ark Chest.

Data Pad:

For Storage 2 go to the burning dead end (screenshot). There are some bars on the floor, blocking a basement passage.
Use the valve to open it and go down.

Storage 3:

Continue your way towards the Ark. There is Storage 3 in a corner.

Storage 4:

At the little shop courtyard with the tower in the middle, look up. There is Storage 4.

Storage 5:

Right of the Ark is Storage 5.

Ark Chest and Data Pad:

Ark Chest and Data Pad are close to each other in front of the Ark.

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