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All Storage Containers at Stiltown

May 16, 2019

7 Storage Containers, 1 Ark Chest, 2 Data Pads

Map location:

Storage 1:

When arriving, stay at ground level. Don't take the elevator yet. Behind the structure near some crates is Storage 1.

Storage 2:

Take the elevator up and follow the path to the other end. Take the stairs up. Right at the top you will see Storage 2.

Data Pad:

Now go up some more stairs. Now you're at the top of the bridge with the main structure. Right here on a dumpster is Data Pad 1.

Storage 3:

Enter the structure's courtyard. Stay at ground level. Up a pink ladder you'll see Storage 3.

Storage 4:

From there, take the south side stairs up and you will get to Storage 4.

Storage 5:

Go up the stairs until you get to the balcony with a wheel chair. Here's a tower room. You can jump up the pink ropes to get there. Need to have ability upgraded.

Storage 6, 7, Ark Chest and Data Pad:

Continue your way up until you get inside a big room. Storage 6 is behind the wall. Storage 7, the Ark Chest and the Data Pad are up the pink ladder.

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