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All Storage Containers / Data Pad at Shoals

May 19, 2019

Bandit Den
3 Storage Containers, 1 Data Pad

Shoals is a Bandit Den location south west of Lagooney in the Sekreto Wetlands.
It looks like a junkyard with various car piles and buildings.

There are 3 Storage Containers and 1 Data Pad as Items of Interest to be found.

Data Pad:

Enter the bandit den.
There is a long building to the left. Inside on a table next to a sofa with a green blanket on it is the Data Pad.

Storage Container 1:

Now climb on top of this building. There are some pink ropes you can use at the outside.
When on the roof, cross the plank / bridge towards the house to the south east.
Storage Container 1 is inside.

Storage Container 2:

When inside the house, where Storage Container 1 is, leave through the south east to get onto the balcony.
Here's Storage Container 2.

Storage Container 3:

Go back to the roof of the Data Pad building.
Look to the south and go to that building.
Climb through the window and you can get Storage Container 2.

All Collectibles Summary

- Data Pad in the long house at the start.
- Storage Container inside center house with balcony towards river
- Storage Container on the balcony
- Storage Container from roof through the window

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