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All Storage Containers Remnant Ranger Echo

May 19, 2019

3 Storage Containers

Remnant is a Ranger Echo Location in the South West of The Wilds.
It is an old car tunnel section up a hill with a closed off hut in it.

There are 3 Storage Containers as Items of Interest to be found.

How to get to Remnant:

From the main road there is a path you can go up to South East of the Location Marker on the map.

How to get inside the hut:

Follow the cables inside a little room.

Storage Container 1:

Right here is Storage Container 1 and a lever.
Pull the lever...

Once you get out, you will notice that everything is on charge.
Avoid the water.
Weird enough: The metal cars are alright to walk on. So jump onto the cars to get to the pink door to hit the button.

Storage Container 2 and The Fallen Ranger:

Inside the hut are Storage Container 2 and the Ranger.

Storage Container 3:

Jump over and turn off the power again so you can walk inside the water.
At the north side of the flooded tunnel is a car with Storage Container 3 inside.

All Collectibles Summary

- Storage Container inside the lever room.
- Storage Container inside the hut.
- Storage Container at the back of a car.

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