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All Storage Containers at Razorneck Roost

May 14, 2019

7 Storage Containers, 1 Ark Chest

Map location:

Storage 1:

All collectibles are inside the big building!

The first one, when you enter the building, there is one high up inside a former crane.

Storage 2:

The container is also in this building entrance area, at the bottom level.

Storage 3:

In the next room, Storage 3 is a bit higher up but still at the bottom levels of this "Turbine Room".

Storage 4:

The container is in the center of the Turbine Room.

Storage 5:

The container is inside a small room at the Turbine Room.

Ark Chest:

The Ark Chest is here as well.

Storage 6:

Storage Container 6 is also in the Turbine Room, high up, left of the elevator.

Storage 6:

Take the elevator up for Storage Container 7.

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