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All Storage Containers Needle Falls Ark

May 19, 2019

3 Storage Containers

Needle Falls Ark is an Ark location in the South West of The Wilds.
It is on a platform at the south east end of a city's ruins.
It contains the Grav-Dart Launcher.

There are 3 Storage Containers as Items of Interest to be found.

Storage Container 1:

After picking up the Grav-Dart Launcher inside the Ark, leave it and look to the North.
There is a Cargo Container at the end of the Ark Platform.
Storage Container 1 is inside.

Storage Container 2:

Now go down the tunnel that lead up to the Ark.
After exiting the tunnel / tube passage, look left down the ditch.
There is Storage Container 2.

Storage Container 3:

If you come out of the ditch, walking towards the North East, there is a cargo container in the water that is open from both sides.
Storage Container is inside this Cargo Container.

All Collectibles Summary

- Storage Container on road side pump station roof.
- 2 Storage Containers inside the shop, ground floor.
- Storage Container on eastern pump station roof.
- Storage Container inside the crane building.

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