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All Storage Containers / Ark Chests Greenhaven Ark

May 19, 2019

4 Storage Containers, 2 Ark Chests

The Greenhaven Ark is an Ark in the north of The Wilds.

It is a structure with a broken gate and a big courtyard, where the Ark lies.
It contains the Hyper Cannon Weapon.
From the Ark Courtyard is a ramp going down to another area where the collectibles are found.

There are 4 Storage Containers and 2 Ark Chests as Items of Interest to be found.

Storage Container 1:

The first Storage Containers is on the ramp going down with the "rotors" in the background.

Storage Container 2:

Go down the ramp. The container is at the bottom hidden behind some boxes.

Ark Chest 1:

Now, remember those rotors you saw at the back, when coming down?
Go towards those rotors. In the "rotor garden" at the end is Ark Chest 1.

Storage Container 3:

Leave the "rotor garden".
There is another path you can take here. It looks like a huge bunker entrance.

It's a small mute nest. Here in a corner at ground floor is Storage Container 3.

Ark Chest 2:

The Ark Chest is not far from it, also on ground floor.

Storage Container 4:

Storage Container 4 is above Ark Chest 2.
Climb up and you can get it.

All Collectibles Summary

- Storage Container at the ramp down.
- Storage Container at the base of the ramp.
- Ark Chest inside "rotor garden"
- Storage Container at the Mutant Nest, ground floor
- Ark Chest at Mutant Nest, ground floor
-Storage Container at Mutant Nest, above Ark Chest.

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