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All Storage Containers at Gazcatraz

May 11, 2019

2 Ark Chests, 5 Storage Containers, 1 Data Pad

Map location:

Storage 1:

The container is up on the center tower.

Storage 2:

The container is at the camp border next to a green container with satellite dishes at the top.

Data Pad:

Above Storage 2 is a building with round roofs. Inside is the Data Pad.

Storage 3:

Exit the room, go over the bridge. Storage 3 is inside the room to the right.

Ark Chest 1:

Inside the room of Storage 3 you can go up the ramp. There's Ark Chest 1.

Storage 4:

Go down again to the Storage 3 room, exit it and walk towards w to get Storage Container 4.

Storage 5:

From Storage 4 go to the building in the north to get Storage 5 (screenshot is looking at Storage 4 location out of the window).

Ark Chest 2:

Ark Chest 2 is in a small room at ground level behind the Hangar structure.

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