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All Storage Containers and the Data Pad - Forest Block

May 19, 2019

5 Storage Containers, 1 Data Pad

Forest Block is a Road Choker location in the East of Sekreto Wetlands.
It's a barrier blocking the road that needs to be lifted in order to complete the location.
Turn the pink wheel at the top of the block to lift it.

There are 5 Storage Containers and 1 Data Pad as Items of Interest to be found.

Storage Container 1 and Data Pad:

This Storage Container is directly on the road close to the choker itself. It's close to the white Wild Boar Symbol on the wall of the choker.
The Data Pad is right next to the Boar Symbol (marked with an "X" on the screenshot).

Storage Container 2:

Now take the pink ladder up and take the other one as well so you end up on the choker structure.
Here you see a house with a wind mill.
Storage Container 2 is behind the wind mill structure.

Storage Container 3:

After you picked up Storage Container 2, climb over the yellow staircase rail into the little hut that says "Private Property" on it.
Storage Container 3 is inside this hut (you even see it in the Storage Container 2 screenshot).

Storage Container 4:

Storage Container 4 is on top of this hut. So you don't have to walk far for it.

Storage Container 5:

When you're on top of the hut to pick up Storage Container 4, you can look to the other side of the choker and you'll see Storage Container 5 next to the round roof.

All Collectibles Summary

- Storage Container on road side at ground level next to the block. Data Pad nearby close to Boar Sign
- Storage Container behind the wind mill building.
- Storage Container inside the No Trespassing Hut
- Storage Container on top of the No Trespassing Hut
- Storage Container at western choker side

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