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All Ark Chests - Ecopod Wetlands

May 19, 2019

3 Ark Chests

Ecopod - Wetlands is Exploration location north of Lagooney in the Sekreto Wetlands.
It's a wreck of an Ecopod Tower.

There are 3 Ark Chests as Items of Interest to be found.

Ark Chest 1:

This Ark Chest is on one of the Ecopods lower arms / legs.
At ground floor, facing the ecopod shaft, look up to the right.
You can walk up on the shaft and then cross over at the top to get on this little platform.

Ark Chest 2:

Ark Chest is in a little area below the Ecopod. There is a little gap where you can crouch in to get to it (marked with an "X" in the screenshot).

Ark Chest 3:

When you are at the Ark Chest 2 area, inside this little "room", look out through the gap towards the north west and you will see Ark Chest 3.

You can jump to it from below / the outside.

All Collectibles Summary

- Ark Chest on one of the overgrown legs.
- Ark Chest in a little room below the Ecopod.
- Ark Chest on a little platform below the Ecopod.

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