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All Storage Containers at Doomsayer Peak

May 11, 2019

All Storage Containers and Ark Chests

Map location:

Starting point is at the camp entrance where the navigation system takes you to on the map (in the east).
Enter the camp and stick to the right side (northern side of the camp).

Storage 1:

The container inside the building with the staircase in it. Go all the way up it is in the room at the top.

Storage 2 + 3:

Leave the top room through the entrance. Turn left. There is an elevator up. Take it.
At the top, there is a round room with lots of enemies. Enter the room and take the other exit (opens with a button).
Go all the way around and up the ladder. At the top are the two containers.

Ark Chest 1:

One of the Ark Chests is here as well so make sure you pick it up.

Storage 4:

Go down, take the elevator and go over the bridge to the other tower building that seems to be a bar.
Here on the balcony is Storage #4.

Storage 5:

Storage Container #5 is inside the bar.

Storage 6 and Ark Chest 2:

Take the elevator close to the bar. It goes down.
Follow the path and go all the way down to the main courtyard.
Cross it and go towards the big building in the west.
Take the entrance to it.
Inside, cross the flaming fire pit. There is a room on the other side with Storage #6 and Ark Chest #2.

Storage 7 +8:

Now go up the stairs (doesn't matter which of the two).
And up again to the top where the last 2 Storage Containers are.

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