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All Storage Containers Desert Kindling

May 19, 2019

5 Storage Containers

Desert Kindling is a Pit Stop location in the South East of Sekreto Wetlands.
It is a former petrol station with 4 tall buildings surrounding the two pump stations.

Most of the fuel containers that have to be destroyed are inside the buildings.
Use the focus ability to find them.

There are 5 Storage Containers as Items of Interest to be found.

Storage Container 1:

This Storage Container is on the roof of one of the two pump stations. The one closer to the road.
You can jump onto the building next to it, on it's roof there is a board bridge going to the roof of the pump station.

Storage Container 2 and 3:

From the pump station's roof, where you found Storage Container 1, you can go over another plank bridge to the south. This is the former fuel station shop.
You can jump down to get to the ground floor of the shop.
Here, Storage Container 2 and 3 are behind the counter.

Storage Container 4:

You can open 2 doors with pink buttons for better access if you need to return.
Now go back up one floor in the shop where you can walk the planks - the bridges to the pump stations.
From here, you can go to the roof of the other pump station to the east.
Here on the roof you can find Storage Container 4.

Storage Container 5:

For the last Storage Container, stay on the roofs.
You need to get inside the building closest to the crane.
From the last pump station, you can jump onto the roof of the building to the east and then use the bridges / ramps to get inside the building near the crane.
Here in the corner is Storage Container 5.

All Collectibles Summary

- Storage Container on road side pump station roof.
- 2 Storage Containers inside the shop, ground floor.
- Storage Container on eastern pump station roof.
- Storage Container inside the crane building.

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