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All Storage Containers and Ark Chest at Canned Heat

May 19, 2019

3 Storage Containers, 1 Ark Chest

Canned Heat is a Ranger Echo location west of Lagooney in the Sekreto Wetlands.
It's a huge tower with an elevator going up at the bottom center.

There are 3 Storage Containers and 1 Ark Chest as Items of Interest to be found.

Storage Container 1 and Ark Chest:

Take the elevator up to the top of the tower.
Here in the center, there is a dome room.
Go inside. Here is the Fallen Ranger, Storage Container 1 and the Ark Chest.

Storage Container 2 and 3:

Storage Container 2 and 3 are on the roof of the dome room.
Look around and you will see some pink climb ropes with some boxes in front.
Climb the boxes and run jump towards the pink rope to get to the top.

All Collectibles Summary

- Storage Container and Ark Chest in the Dome Room at top.
- Storage Container 2 + 3 on the Dome Room roof

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