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All Collectibles at Pointe Verdun | Mafia 3

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Playboy (P)

In Thomas Burke's Garage / Workshop

Inside a small garage

In the Trailer,
Police Station,

On a drawer unit,
Outside of a house

Industrial Building,
South East of Distillery

North  on a bench,
a woman is sitting on it

Inside a green house

Vargas (V)

At Thomas Burke's place

Nicki Burke's Place

Backyard of a house

In the Slaughterhouse,

Album Covers (A)

Inside a barricaded shop

Outside at a market place

Inside a garage

Inside a house

Hot Rod (H)

The employee area,
Petrol Station

Propaganda (C)

At the lighthouse

North west at the water

Hanging on a blue door

Hanging on a lamp post
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