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Paranormal Beginnings| Ghostbusters 2016 Story Pack | LEGO Dimensions

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Minikits in order as they appear:


Minikit 1 ( 00:05 )
To the right, destroy the furniture. Then build the grapple plug. Grapple and solve the riddle with Erin. The shapes are scattered on paintings in this room. The correct order is Diamond, Triangle, Square.

Minikit 2 ( 00:55 )
Go to the left to the pink sparkle. Use Relic Detector. Grapple the plug and pick up the Minikit.

Minikit 3 ( 01:20 )
In the room with the two staircases up. Go up to the right. Use Magic to fix the broken painting.

Minikit 4 ( 01:58 )
Shoot 5 Minikit Paintings in the staircase room.

Minikit 5 ( 02:49 )
In the staircase room, upstairs in front of the big center door. Use A-Team Master Build.


Rescue ( 03:59 )
In the library.
To the right, there is a drawer unit. Destroy everything and build the Grapple Plug. Grapple to Rescue.

Minikit 6 ( 04:15 )
Go to the door at the center back, behind the big cloth with the plugs. Shoot the lock with Silver Lego Blowup. Go down.
Destroy everything and build the Time Machine. Use the DeLorean.
Destory everything, build a grapple on the canon. Use Grapple. The canon will blow up the wall at the back. Destroy the displays to get the Minikit.

Minikit 7 ( 05:21 )
Build a grapple plug onto the treasure chest with the Teddy Ghost. Grapple. The grapple will be available after the canon blew up at Minikit 9.

Minikit 8 ( 05:39 )
Go to the back of the Room and use Diffindo on the red wall. Cut out the shape, build a machine with the parts and jump on it a couple of times to open the box.

Minikit 9 ( 06:22 )
The blow from Minikit 6 left some parts next to the canon. Build and turn the canon. Then use Relic Detector to find the Grapple. Then Master Build a heater in the back left corner. Drive back to the Present with the DeLorean. Use Magic, Laser and Grapple on the heater and build bellows. Jump on the bellows a couple of times until the heater blows up. Pick up the Minikit.

Minikit 10 ( 08:38 )
There is a puzzle upstairs to the right, next to a brown door. Story related, you have to use Intelligence on that puzzle to get to the 3 blue plugs for the hanging cloth at the center. After you've done that, go back and do the puzzle again. A statue will come out. Push that down as well to get the Minikit.

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