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Mission Impossible 100% | Level Pack | LEGO Dimensions

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Minikits in order as they appear:


Minikit 1 ( 00:07 )
Down at the waterfront, use Relic Detector, Grapple and get past the Snake with Parseltongue

Minikit 2 ( 01:05 )
After entering the ball room, blow up the chandellier with Gold Lego Blowup / Laser

Minikit 3 ( 01:32 )
Also in the ballroom, downstairs. There is an Intelligence riddle to solve that opens the door.

Minikit 4 ( 02:06 )
Back outside in the streets, there is a Mini Access. Use it and get the Minikit behind the window.


Minikit 5 ( 02:28 )
After the fight in the fish restaurant, climb up the blue pipes with Magno Gloves and use Sonar Smash at the balcony to get the Minikit.

Minikit 6 ( 03:02 )
At the entrance to IMF find and open 3 boxes:

1) At ground floor, use boomerang on the truck. Build the box.

2) At ground floor, destroy all plants in the center to get to the 3 dig sites. Dig and build the box.

3) Fly up to the roof or wait till the story gets Ethan there. There is a Silver Lego Blowup vent high up on the wall. Blow it up and build the box

Rescue ( 04:37 )
Inside the IMF Building. Drill the Wall with e.g. Emmet, build the Scan Disguise Device (not in video). Use the Scan Disguise on the guard to get into the laser blocked area to the right. Then use magic to rescue Benji Dunn.

Minikit 7 ( 05:50 )
For Minikit 7-9 you need to destroy the desks in the IMF building to build the track for the vending machine. Then push the vending machine forward. Use the Vent Access ability to get into the hidden room.

In there, destroy everything in the center area and use Master Build to get the Minikit

Minikit 8 ( 07:28 )
Go up the ladder and use the Charge Transfer ability. Use the same ability to charge the glass door to the right. Just walk in and get the Minikit. Mind the lasers...

Minikit 9 ( 08:02 )
After using the Charge Transfer ability for Minikit 8, go to the door to the left that opened. Build the fuse box. Use it with Ethan.


Minikit 10 ( 09:12 )
Leave the room, continue with the Story. This last Minikit is in the Black Vault. Just lower yourself down in the center and you'll get it.

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