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The Golden Years | All Minikits in Part 7

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Minikits in the Order as they appear.

7.1 Fightin' Crime - 6 Minikits

Minikit 1
Video Time 00:04

At the start, Dive down to the Minikit in the pool.
Possible characters: e.g. Dory, Violet

Minikit 2
Video Time 00:10

With the pile of bricks, that you use to continue with the story, build something to the right instead of to the left. It's a device with Strength Handles pull them, use Bulldoze on the cracked wall and get inside the broken building. On the first floor, Repair the printer.
Possible characters: e.g. Mr. Incredible, Brick (Strength, Bulldoze) | Buddy Pine, Evelyn Deavor (Repair)

Minikit 3
Video Time 00:58

On the right of this area, you can climb up to the first floor to get the Minikit in plain sight.

Minikit 4
Video Time 01:10

Continue with the story and go to the roof. Build 3 brown dumpsters out of 3 piles of brown boxes.

Minikit 5
Video Time 01:42

Go to the Green House and use Hacking at the terminal to get the Minikit.
Possible characters: e.g. Violet, Edna

Minikit 6
Video Time 02:10

In the area, where a superhero is flooding everything, there are some pipes where you can use Remote Control to get the Minikit.
Possible characters: e.g. Edna, Linguini


7.2. The Bank Rob - 4 Minikits

Minikit 7
Video Time 02:49

Destroy the 3 red bombs in the area and build 3 alarms out of them.

Minikit 8
Video Time 03:26

Continue the story to where the broken door and the fountain are. Use Ice on the fountain.
Possible characters: e.g. Frozone, Brainfreezer

Minikit 9
Video Time 03:39

Continue to the boss fight. When he pulls up the Maze, find the Strength handles and pull them. Switch to the other character and get the Minikit nearby.
Possible characters: e.g. Mr. Incredible, Brick, Jack-Jack

Minikit 10
Video Time 03:56

Go to the top left of the Maze and push the wheel to get the last Minikit.

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