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Revelations: All Minikits in Part 3

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Minikits in the Order as they appear.

3.1. Pest Control - 5 Minikits

Minikit 1
Video Time 00:04

Right at the start, there is a blue Teleport Wall on the left of the building. Use someone with the Teleport ability to go through. Inside, there is a bookshelf at the back. Hit it a couple of times. Then use Fire to burn it.
Possible characters: e.g. Jack-Jack, Voyd (Teleport) | Jack-Jack, Fironic,Russell (Fire)

Minikit 2
Video Time 00:50

Above Mr. Incredible, there is a bookshelf that can be moved with Levitate.
Possible characters: e.g. Jack-Jack, Everseer, Syndrome

Minikit 3
Video Time 01:07

At the pool, jump in and use someone with Dive to get the Minikit underwater.
Possible characters: e.g. Dory, Violet, The Anchor-Man

Minikit 4
Video Time 01:21

Also at the pool, where you can build a device to defeat the Racoon in the center of the pool, build the device to the right. You will build a fishing pole that will get you the Minikit.

Minikit 5
Video Time 01:35

At the barbecue / dinner scene, Repair the barbecue and use Levitate to put the meat on the plates. Then pick up the Minikit.
Possible characters: e.g. Buddy Pine, Downburst (Repair) | Jack-Jack, Downburst (Levitate)


3.2. Breaking News - 5 Minikits

Minikit 6
Video Time 02:08

At the start of the scene, climb to the right to the little platform where you can climb into the plane. Don't get into the plane yet, there is a blue Teleport wall. Use someone with this ability to get through and pick up the Minikit.
Possible characters: e.g. Jack-Jack, Voyd, Downburst

Minikit 7
Video Time 02:22

At the scene, where the other plane crashes into yours and you have to jump over to the next plane, don't go over yet. Instead, climb back up to the cockpit and use Laser on the gold lego bricked wall. Push the button that will show up and pick up the Minikit hovering above the cockpit.
Possible characters: e.g. Jack-Jack, Reflux, Wall-e

Minikit 8
Video Time 02:52

Now go over to the next plane. There is a little wing burning at the back. Jump onto the wing and extinguish the fire with Water.
Possible characters: e.g. Frozone, Brainfreezer, Splashdown

Minikit 9
Video Time 03:15

At the bottom of the plane, still outside, you can use the Super Destroy ability on a blue platform stuck on the plane. You have to use it on both sides. But you can climb over using the rail. As soon as the platform is coming down, you'll see that the area is all black. Use Illuminate to get the Minikit.
Possible characters: e.g. Krushauer, Everseer (Super Destroy) | Bing Bong, Junior, Lightning McQueen (Illuminate)

Minikit 10
Video Time 03:49

Dont' continue the story yet. Stay on the left side of the platform you lowered for Minikit 9. Climb over to the left using the handles attached to the plane. On the other side, use Electricity on the power coil to lower the ladder. Then climb down.
Possible characters: e.g. Helectrix, Robot, Thunderhead

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