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The Final Showdown | All Minikits in Part 12

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Minikits in the Order as they appear.

12.1. Omnidroid Showdown Pt. 1 - 7 Minikits

Minikit 1
Video Time 00:04

At the start on the left side, there is a truck with a gold lego wall. Use Laser to cut it open.
Possible characters: e.g. Jack-Jack, Reflux, Wall-e

Minikit 2
Video Time 00:26

Continue with the story. Passed the electricity barrier, there is a fire burning. Extinguish it with Water and get the Minikit.
Possible characters: e.g. Frozone, Brainfreezer

Minikit 3
Video Time 00:41

Over the big gap in the road on the far right, there is a glass window you can burst by using Sonar. Go through and get the Minikit.
Possible characters: e.g. Kari McKeen, Miguel, Screech

Minikit 4
Video Time 00:57

Continue with the story to where you had to rebuild the helicopter to hover up. Up there on the platform, there is a Teleport wall. Go through and get the Minikit.
Possible characters: e.g. Jack-Jack, Voyd

Minikit 5
Video Time 01:12

Slide down the slide, run through the crack in the wall with Bulldoze to get back to the Helicopter (that's part of the story). Here, destroy the helicopter construction and instead, build something to the right. An Antenna. It will summon a drone with a Minikit. Sharpshoot the drone to get it.
Possible characters: e.g. Frozone, Elastigirl, Violet

Minikit 6
Video Time 01:48

To the right at the building site, there is a little hill where you can use Burrow. Get the Minikit parts and put them together.
Possible characters: e.g. Flik, The Underminer (You can get Flik with a Red Brick)

Minikit 7
Video Time 02:15

Next to it, there is a pipe, where you can use Remote Control. Follow the pipe up and push the button with your drone.
Possible characters: e.g. Edna,Linguini, Old Lady


12.2. Omnidroid Showdown - 3 Minikits

Minikit 8
Video Time 02:49

To the right, past the fire, there is a Minikit hovering in the air. Use Flight to get it.
Possible characters: e.g. Firebreak, Everseer

Minikit 9
Video Time 03:01

Rebuild 4 windows with debris.

Minikit 10
Video Time 03:46

Now, in the story, you have to rebuild the Incredibles Platform. The platfom part to the left has to be pushed down to get the last Minikit. Because then you get a white brick pile on the floor. You will build a bowling track. To finally bowl, use Violet's Psionic Ability (the bowl) and smash into it.
Possible character: Violet

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