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Return to Nomanisan Island | All Minikits in Part 10

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Minikits in the Order as they appear.

10.1. Entering the Secret Base - 5 Minikits

Minikit 1
Video Time 00:05

At the start, jump down from the top left. There is a room blocked with laser bars. But there is a hatch. Use Crawl Hatch to get the Minikit.
Possible characters: e.g. Dash, Jack-Jack, Edna

Minikit 2
Video Time 00:18

There are 5 Syndrome Paintings in the area. Destroy them.

Minikit 3
Video Time 00:39

At the top floor of this structure, there is a man with a Minikit behind laser bars. Use Mind Control to make him pull the lever, so the Minikit will come out.
Possible characters: e.g. The Screenslaver, Everseer

Minikit 4
Video Time 01:05

There is a red framed window at the lava waterfall. Use Sonar to break the glass.
Possible characters: e.g. Kari McKeen, Miguel, Screech

Minikit 5
Video Time 01:16

Take that little elevator that looks like a pill to the next area. Destroy the plants scattered in the room and build 4 lava lamps.


10.2. Goo Cannon Escape - 5 Minikits

Minikit 6
Video Time 01:45

We're building the left bridge first. Here, where you put the cart boxes on in the story, there is a gold brick wall. Destroy it with Laser.
Possible characters: e.g. Jack-Jack, Reflux, Wall-e

Minikit 7
Video Time 02:28

At the far right, where you help Mr. Incredible to come up at the red laser bars, go through the laser bars. Once on the other side, use Illuminate to find and get the Minikit.
Possible characters: e.g. Bing Bong, Lightning McQueen, Junior

Minikit 8
Video Time 02:50

Now go over to the other side, passed the heavy door. There is a power coil at ground level. Use Electricity on it.
Possible characters: e.g. Helectrix, Robot

Minikit 9
Video Time 03:20

Now go back to the center console to build a bridge to the right side. There is a laser bars room on ground level. Use Violet's Psionic to get through and get the Minikit.
Possible character: Violet

Minikit 10
Video Time 03:39

On the other side of the laser room, one level up, there is a Grapple. Use it to get to a round red lego button. Here you can swing again to the right to get the Minikit.
Possible characters: e.g.  Elastigirl, Woody

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