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Undermined | All Minikits in Part 1

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Minikits in the Order as they appear.

1.1. Tunneler Terror - 3 Minikits

Minikit 1
Video Time 00:06

Blow up 3 Silver Lego Machine parts with Explosives (Silver Lego Objects)
Possible characters: Bomb Voyage, Brainfreezer, Underminer Goon

Minikit 2
Video Time 00:25

Before you get to the two breakable walls at the back, there is a pile of 9 blue canisters that someone with Strength can move away. Lift it up and throw them away somewhere. They're not needed anymore. An Ice Spot will show up where the canisters were. Use Ice to build a machine part that will reveal the Minikit.
Possible characters:  Mr. Incredible, Brick, Krushhauer (Strenght) | Frozone, Brainfreezer (Ice)

Minikit 3
Video Time 00:54

Now go to those two breakable walls at the back. Use Bulldoze to get the Minikit behind the left wall.
Possible characters:  Mr. Incredible, Brick, Krushhauer


1.2. Street Level - 3 Minikits

Minikit 4
Video Time 00:59

The Minikit is at the right. Above the leaked green goo, there is a broken house with a rail. I was Flying up there. But you can also use Mr. Incredible to throw someone onto the rail, who then climbs up to get the Minikit.
Possible characters: Mr. Incredible | Firebreak, Universal Man (Flight)

Minikit 5
Video Time 01:11

On the left, ground level, there is a crashed Silver Car. Use someone with Explosives to blow it up. A Hatch will show up. Use Crawl Hatch to get to the other side. From here, you can climb up into the broken house to a Agility Wall. Use Agility to hop up. Smash everything and build yourself a Minikit.
Possible characters: Bomb Voyage, Brainfreezer, Underminer Goon (Explosives) | Dash, Jack-Jack, Edna (Crawl Hatch) | Elastigirl, Dash, Frozone (Agility)

Minikit 6
Video Time 01:54

There's a manhole cover. The Minikit is down there. There is a Tracking spot between the top right corner of the Incredible Platform and the green goo. Use Tracking and dig out the Minikit.
Possible characters: Russell (get him with Red Brick #3)


1.3. Inside Tunneler - 4 Minikits

Minikit 7
Video Time 02:27

There are 5 bird cages inside the Tunneler. Smash them to free to birds and to get the Minikit.

Minikit 8
Video Time 02:49

In the area, where you have to throw more coal in, there is a dark room. Use Illuminate to get the Minikit inside.
Possible characters: Bing Bong, Lightning McQueen (Get them, when collecting the Red Bricks)

Minikit 9
Video Time 03:04

At the top floor, where the mechanism is to throw the coal cart into the fire, go to the far left. There is a worker behind the window. Use Mind Control on him to use the lever. Build the Minikit.
Possible characters: The Screenslaver

Minikit 10
Video Time 03:46

In the section, where you need to blow up the cooler, go to the far right and use Grapple on the hook. Build the Minikit.
Possible characters: Elastigirl, Bank Robber, Woody

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