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All Collectibles -- Episode 3: Rail Hydra

All Collectibles in order as they appear. The characters used are just examples. Of course, you can use whatever character you like with the according abilities ;-) :

Part A

Minikit 1:
Find and shoot 5 Captain America Posters.

Minikit 2:
Use telekinesis with Scarlet Witch and play Basketball.

Character: Dum Dum Dugan -- Video Time 00:32
There is a room to the right. Open it with a Shield Agent, here Captain America, at the console.

Minikit 3:
Use the S.H.I.E.L.D. Terminal with a Hydra Agent, here Doctor List. Clean 5 dirty patches with the machine.

Stan Lee in Peril -- Video Time 01:47
After blowing up the treadmills, go to the far back and use Black Widow to discover a hidden object. Ultron can blow it up and Scarlet Witch can deliver the energy drink.

Part B --  Video Time 02:54

Character: Red Skull -- Video Time 02:54
In the left, before entering the elevator, there is a pink Mini Access for Vision

Minikit 4:
On top of the elevator entrance. Needs flying.

Minikit 5:
To the right, before entering the elevator, next to the collector. Use Ironman to blow up the golden area and use Quicksilver on the platform.

Red Brick -- Video Time 04:09
In the big fight arena at the bottom there is a panel. Use it to open up a big door. There use Scarlet Witch to Mind Control. A box appears next to the collector. Ultron can open it.

Minikit 6:
At the top floor, build the climbing frame, climb over. The Minikit is at the left side.

Minikit 7:
Sneak past the camera with Black Widow.

Part C -- Video Time 05:34

Minikit 8:
At the back of the train. Climb down.

Character: Arnim Zola -- Video Time 05:54
Use Scarlet Witch to get a bomb. The character is inside.

Minikit 9:
Use Ironman to destroy the golden vents, build a kite and jump up to fly.

Minikit 10:
At the part, where the train wagon is destroyed and you fall down. There is a door at the back. Use Black Widow to discover a Bull's Eye, shoot.

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