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All Collectibles -- Episode 6: Avengers Assemble

All Collectibles in order as they appear. The characters used are just examples. Of course, you can use whatever character you like with the according abilities ;-) :

Part A

Minikit 1:
Fly through it with the plane

Minikit 2:
With Thor, there is a power coil to power up on the building next to the entrance.

Part B -- Video Time 00:39

Minikit 3:
Extinguish the fire in front of the shop with Captain America and use Hawkeye's Grapple.

Red Brick -- Video Time 01:04
The Collector is on top of the house to the right. You need to fly. For the Wig, use Scarlet Witch to remove the wall off the shop entrance and get the wig.

Minikit 4:
Next to the collector. Remove the black Lego Wall at the truck with Ultron.

Minikit 5:
Use the purple Mini Access with Vision

Character: Detroit Steel -- Video Time 02:18
Destroy the cracked floor with Thor

Minikit 6:
Shoot 3 silver hydrants with Hawkeye or Ironman.

Minikit 7:
Repair the Police Car with Tony Stark and drive or walk to the Minikit at the end of the road.

Part C -- Video Time 03:08

Minikit 8:
Use the purple Mini Access with Vision, go through and dig out 3 statues with Squirrel Girl. Then move them to the right position at the clock with Vision.

Minikit 9:
Grow 3 plants in pots with Vision.

Character: America Chavez -- Video Time 04:48
Smash the area above the elevator with Thor and get the Character Token.

Minikit 10:
Use the shield plaform with Captain America and destroy enemy planes with the laser from Ironman.

Stan Lee in Peril -- Video Time 05:09
Detect the hidden object with Ironman and Grapple with Hawkeye

Character: Abomination -- Video Time 05:45
Turn over the bath tub with Vision

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