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All Collectibles -- Episode 9: Anger Management

All Collectibles in order as they appear. The characters used are just examples. Of course, you can use whatever character you like with the according abilities ;-) :

Part A

Red Brick
The collector is right at the start and needs Vibranium. At the right side, there is a door shut with silver Lego bricks. Blow them up with Ironman.

Minikit 1:
Repair the forklift.

Minikit 2:
Blow up the glass window of the left room upstairs with Hawkeye, fly in and use the Scarlet Witch.

Minikit 3:
Cut out the shape in the golden wall with Ironman.

Minikit 4:
Destroy the second box that you had to blow up with Thor in the story, build the ramp for Quicksilver and use it.

Character: Hulk-Killer -- Video Time 02:35
After Scarlet Witch - in the story - blew up the windows, fly in there and use the terminal with a Hydra Agent (e.g. Doctor List).

Part B -- Video Time 03:27

Minikit 5:
In the first dream, use the pink Mini Access with Vision. The Minikit is in the piano.

Character: Count Nefaria -- Video Time 03:48
Open the door to the left. There is a power coil for Thor in the main hall. Use telekinesis with Scarlet Witch on the vase and freeze the puddle with Loki.

Minikit 6:
There is a box with black Lego bricks on the right. Destroy it with Ultron, build the camera and fly up to pick up the Minikit.

Stan Lee in Peril -- Video Time 05:20
Use Hulk on the green handles.

Character: Ravage -- Video Time 05:34
There is a Grapple on stage. Pull it with Hawkeye

Minikit 7:
Use Scarlet Witch on the drum player

Minikit 8:
In Heimdall there is a crack on the floor for Thor.

Part C -- Video Time 06:13

Minikit 9:
Blow up the traffic lights with Ironman.

Minikit 10:
Rescue 6 groups. Use "Warn Citizens" while playing Veronica.
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