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Twilight Town | All Lucky Emblems

Completed: January 26th 2019

There are 9 Lucky Emblems at Twilight Town. Use the camera to make a photo at these locations:

TRAM COMMON | 5 Lucky Emblems

The first one will be pointed out by your friends when coming to Twilight Town. But you have to go back to the wall with the benches and take the picture.

The second Emblem is on top of the shop on one of the chimneys. You'll have to run up the walls and get on top of the highest chimney to take the picture.

The third Emblem is on top of the tram. Climb up somewhere and jump onto the tram roof to take the picture.

The fourth Emblem is on the movie screen but you can't see it when a movie is running. Wait for it to finish to take the picture.

The fifth Emblem are on the table. Someone has set the table on a balcony and the plates look just like Mickey. Take the picture from the roof above.

There are no Emblems in the the Underground Conduit (Sewers).

THE WOODS | 3 Lucky Emblems

Exit the Underground Conduit (Sewers) and run up the big wall to the right. The sixth Emblem is up there.

Go down again. The seventh Emblem is on the door to the Underground Conduit (sewers).

The sun is casting a Mickey with its sunrays into the woods onto a small hill for the eight Emblem.

THE OLD MANSION | 1 Lucky Emblem

The ninth Emblem is at the outside garden wall of the mansion.

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