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Toy Box | All Lucky Emblems

Completed: January 29th 2019

There are 11 Lucky Emblems at the Toy Box. Use the camera to make a photo at these locations:

ANDY'S HOUSE | 4 Lucky Emblems

In Andy's Room, the first emblem is high up on the light blue box high up on the shelf.

The second emblem is outside. Use the trampoline to hop on the roof. It is up here.

The third emblem is at the front door. Go up the steps and look towards the road. Leaves form the emblem on the floor.

The forth emblem is imprinted at the back of the silver car.

MAIN FLOOR: 1F, GALAXY TOYS | 3 Lucky Emblems

Outside of Galaxy Toys, there are some boxes. Take a closer look and take the picture of Lucky Emblem #11 (it's the 11th in the Gummi Phone List)

Enter the store and go to the present wrapping station at the checkout. At the back you see the fifth emblem, formed by 3 sticky tape rolls.

Now board a robot. There are 3 toy piles you can destroy. They will leave a round platform on the floor. The 6th emblem is engraved on the platform at the center back.


The seventh emblem is in the lower vents. To get here, go on the second floor, enter the dinosaur robot shop. The entrance is on the ceiling to the right. Once in, follow the vent untill you get to the section where you are blown up. Jump into the middle (not highest) passage. Then turn around.

MAIN FLOOR 3F, GALAXY TOYS | 3 Lucky Emblems

The eigth emblem is on the decorative pink UFO hanging down. Jump on it and take the picture.

The ninth emblem is inside the dolls shop. The 3 disco balls over the checkout form an emblem when standing at the right spot. Stand on the big pink dolls shelf between checkout and open ceiling vent to take the picture.

The tenth emblem is outside the shops on the base of the robot statue.

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