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San Fransokyo | All Lucky Emblems

Completed: February 1st 2019

There are 11 Lucky Emblems at San Fransokyo. There is only one map, so that's the easy part...
Use the camera to make a photo at these locations:

GARAGE | 1 Lucky Emblem

The first emblem can be found in the garage. Look at the walls.

THE CITY | 10 Lucky Emblems

The second emblem can be found in the South District. In the south there is a chef puppet over the highway ramp. You can climb it. From up there, you can make a picture of 3 red bushes.

The third emblem can be found at night on an advert at the "M" building.

The fourth emblem is on an hand fan held by a female statue. Go on top of the "M" building and look west towards the border.

The fifth emblem is a dent in a dome structure on top of a small building in the center district.

The sixth emblem is on top of the shiny blue building with the powerful green fans. It's on the floor.

The sevent emblem is on top of one of the flying vents. You can airstep to get on top of it.

The eighth emblem is on some steps going up in the north district.

The ninth emblem is not far away, inside a railway tunnel. Jump to the center and look east to take the picture.

The tenth emblem is a dent in a yellow car.

The eleventh emblem is at the very top of the highest building.

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