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Olympus | All Lucky Emblems

Completed: January 27th 2019

There are 12 Lucky Emblems at Olympus. Use the camera to make a photo at these locations:

OVERLOOK, THEBES | 2 Lucky Emblems

Best, to start at the top of the lookout with the Emblem collection and work the way down.
The first Emblem is at the now repaired stairs going up.

The second Emblem is a bit further down, below the big shield. It's engraved into the wall.

THE BIG OLIVE, THEBES | 1 Lucky Emblem

The third Emblem is in the center of the destoyed corridor. Engraved on a piece of stone.

AGORA, THEBES | 1 Lucky Emblem

Have a closer look at the steps at Agora. They hide the forth Emblem. Stand right in front to take the picture.

Leave Agora through the west exit to get to Mount Olympus. There, cross the Ravine going up until you reach

CLIFF ASCENT, LVL 1 | 2 Lucky Emblems

The fifth Emblem is in the north at the waterfall wall.

The sixth Emblem further south but high up engraved into a pillar of an archway.

Climb higher up the Cliff Ascent. After the sitting Zeus, the map changes and it looks like this:

CLIFF ASCENT, LVL 2 | 2 Lucky Emblems

Here, high up, you can look down at a weird rock formation. That's the seventh emblem.

Continue your climb until you reach a dark area called:

MOUNTAINSIDE | 1 Lucky Emblem

Here, pretty much in the middle of the map, is a big hole where you will be attacked by heartless. Next to that hole is a tree with strange looking vines that form the eighth emblem.

Continue your climb until you reach the Realm of the Gods. Specifically:

CORRIDORS | 2 Lucky Emblems

The ninth emblem is a dent at the side of the stairs.

The tenth emblem is in the next room after the stairs, on the wall.

Go back to where the safe point is in the corridors and take the slide to the north to get to:

CLOUD RIDGE | 1 Lucky Emblem

The eleventh Emblem is formation of the clouds. So enjoy the view and take the picture.

Go back to where the safe point is in the corridors and go up the stairs to the right. Follow the water flow and let yourself drop into. Follow the arrows on the map if you don't know how to get there.

SECLUDED FORGE | 1 Lucky Emblem

The twelth Emblem is engraved on the forge.

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