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Kingdom of Corona | All Lucky Emblems

Completed: January 28th 2019

There are 9 Lucky Emblems at the Kingdom of Corona. Use the camera to make a photo at these locations:

TOWER, FOREST | 1 Lucky Emblem

For the first Emblem, climb the tower up to the top. There look down towards the waterfall. You should see an Emblem Stone formation.

Go through the hills to the marsh. In case you haven't found the map yet, the chest location is marked with an "M" on the map.

MARSH, FOREST | 1 Lucky Emblem

The second Emblem is at the rock wall of a northwestern part of the marsh.

Continue to the:

WETLANDS, FOREST | 1 Lucky Emblem

The third Emblem is in the little cave high up. If you didn't pick this up while Rapunzel was with you, use the Superjump ability as explained in the Game help - Movement - Superjump.
Inside the cave, the emblem is on the biggest barrel.

SHORE, FOREST | 1 Lucky Emblem

The fourth Emblem is at the shore. Before you cross the bridge to the Kingdom, have a good look at bridge where those little houses stand...


The fifth emblem is on the side of the archway. Next to the guy with the hat.

KINGDOM, WHARF | 4 Lucky Emblems

The sixth emblem is on a big door when going down to the Wharf from the dance place.

The seventh Emblem is on the side, where the door is, of the mini tower in the center of the Wharf.

The eighth Emblem is at the south east of the Wharf, where the steps go up to Thoroughfare.
There are two barrels that form the ears and a tilted table forming the head.

For the eighth Emblem climb all the way up the lighthouse and have a look at the ashes.

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