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Judy Walters | The Division | ECHO's | All Locations

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#1 - Hell's Kitchen
Judy is standing at the door to the building.

#2 - Hell's Kitchen
Enter the building where July is standing. Go way up, cross the bridge to the other building. Judy is in her office.

#3 - Hell's Kitchen
Same building, same level. Go to the meeting room. The one with the TV on. Investigate Judy, the CEO and the woman next to him.

#4 - Hell's Kitchen
There is a passage next to the meeting room with a staircase downstairs. Go down there to ground level. Investigate Judy and the guards around the corner. Use the keypad to open the entrance door.

#5 - Hell's Kitchen
Go outside through the open entrance (with keypad) and Investigate the car crash. Investigate Rick Valassi.

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