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Finale: Down Came the Rain | Full Walkthrough | Judgment (Video Game)


June 25 2019

1 - Head to Tender

Meet Mafuyu at Tender.

Escort Mafuyu to Children's Park. There a cutscene starts.

2 - Head to Genda Law Office to talk to Saori

Go back to the Law office.
After the cutscene, take Mafuyu to the Taxi.

3 - Head to Café Mijore

The reason he wanted to talk to Mafuyu was:
"To tell her to obey Morita"

Then go back to Yagami's office to rest.

4 - Choose the next step

Talk to everyone at the office.
Each one of them has a suggestion and destination to go to.

I picked to go to the ADDC first.

5 - Head to the ADDC

Take a Taxi.

Talk to Kido.
Not much to do here without proof.

Head back to the office and choose another step.

6 - Head to the Detention Center

Take a Taxi to meet Okubo.

Tell him: " He wants to go to Emi's Grave with you"

Go back to the office to choose the next step.

7 - Head to Matsugane Family Office

Go to the Matsugane Office

Defeat the Matsugane Family.

Go back to Yagami's office.

This is the point of no return. Once you start, you can't come back until finishing the story.

8 - Go to Genda Law Office

After the cutscene, head to L'Amant at the Koi shop.

Talk to Morita.

Defeat Kuroiwa.

Much later...

9 - Stand in Court

Exit the office to head over to court.

When showing evidende:
"The ADDC's secret leaked, and this is what proves it..."

Show Shintan's phone log.

"Shono's Connection to the Kyorei Clan Murders"

After the cutscene, show the evidence:
"Hamura and Ichinose's Missing Link"

Hamura will come in as a witness.

Then, go chase Kuroiwa.

The Gold Keycard for the lab is on the floor behind the guard's body.

Now go through the parking lot.

And Fight.

Defeat Kuroiwa.

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