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Chapter 9: The Miracle Drug | Full Walkthrough | Judgment (Video Game)


June 23 2019

1 - Head to Kyushu No. 1 Star

Meet Hattori for a chat.

Then go back to the office to review the case.

Keep talking to your friends after the cutscene until there are no options left.

Tell that the Kido has a hand in it.
When they asked, when the assassin started to help Shono, answer Hashiki's death.

2 - Head to Genda Law Office

Go to Genda Law Office. The cutscene starts.

After, look at the case files on the desk.

Then, take a Taxi on West Shichifuku Street to the Detention Center.

3 - Head to Tender

After talking to Okubo, go to Tender.

A cutscene with Koroiwa starts.
Defeat the assassin.

4 - Head to KJ Art

Go to KJ Art
Meet with Murase in the big room at the top floor. Take the fire escape ladder.

Take a Taxi to the ADDC.

5 - Find Shono

Talk to the receptionist.

In Active Search Mode,

Look at the stairs first.

Then look again to find Shono. He's at the very top to the left.

6 - Find a Way to Meet Shono

Go back to the female doctor that let you in last time and talk to her.

Check the directory again and find a Secure Route.

Look at the garage.

Stop the Investigation and leave the building.

Fight the Guards.

Interact with the service elevator in the garage.

Next morning, fight the doctors, the guards and capture Shono.

Tell him he murdered Emi Terasawa, a Nurse.

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