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Chapter 8: A Broken Bond | Full Walkthrough | Judgment (Video Game)

CHAPTER 8 - A Broken Bond

June 23 2019

1 - Head to Genda Law Office

Go back to Genda Law Office, then take a taxi to the Kamurocho PD Station.

2 - Find a Way to meet Matsugane

Go to the Charles Arkade and talk to Higashi

Then wait for Higashi to call, then take a taxi to Kamuro Kikunoya.
... and fight.

3 - Get a Wiretap from Tsukumo

Go to the Mantai Internet Café and talk to Tsukumo.
Pay him 100000
Then wait for him to call and get back to get the Wiretap.

As soon as you have it, return back to your office.

4 - Find Tashiro

Go to the location marked on the map and talk to the guy in front of the club.
He points us to Tenkaichi Street.
Once there, Tashiro is in a side alley of the main street.

Pick up the call and go over to the Matsugane Office.

5 - Wiretap the Matsugane Family

Talk to Sugiura when you're there.

Then go inside when you're ready.

In the office, find 3 outlets where you can put the bugs.

Then go over to the boss' room

Stop Investigation


6 - Get Info at L'Amant

Go over to L'Amant and talk to everyone you can to get info.
At some stage, you have to play a round of poker with a lady.
Then you know where Hamura is.

7 - Find the Gambling Hall

Go to Champion's District.

Go to this corner and enter.

Go to this corner and enter.

Knock 3 times
Can I Talk to Moon?
Chataubriant blue

Defeat Hamura

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